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Disabling Notification Popup Boxes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

February 3, 2020 | New View Strategies

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to turn off those annoying notification boxes that pop up in Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’re not alone.  These notifications are meant to be a helpful tool, but they often begin to become an annoyance when working on daily activities in the system.  I highlight below the notifications that I see most frequently working in an accounting/finance role within NAV & BC, as well as steps on how these notifications can be disabled.  Note that this applies to many roles within the system, and not just exclusively accounting/finance roles.

Here I'll cover the steps in NAV, and return with a separate post with the steps in BC.

Warn about unposted document

This notification box will pop up if you are working in an unposted document (purchase invoice, sales invoice, etc.) and proceed to close out of it or click ‘OK’ at the bottom.

People get alarmed when they see this box pop up because they think it is an error and that they have done something wrong, but it is just there to notify you that you have exited a document without posting.  If it is common for you to work in a document without immediately posting it, I would recommend disabling this notification.


Confirm after posting documents

This notification appears after you post a document.  It lets you know that the document has posted and asks if you would like to open the posted document.

In most cases, everything in the document is being confirmed prior to the posting stage, so I would recommend turning this notification off for most users.  If you find yourself frequently navigating to the posted document immediately after posting, then go ahead and leave it enabled since it’s a simple way to quickly access the posted document.


Purchase document with same external document number already exists

This notification is specific to purchase documents (purchase invoices, purchase orders, purchase quotes).  If you begin creating a purchase document with an external document number that already exists within the system (e.g. invoice number on a purchase invoice), the notification will show at the top of your purchase document underneath the document number and vendor name.


This is one notification that I like to keep turned on.  Without this notification, you might get all the way to the posting process before discovering that the purchase document is a possible duplicate.  It’s helpful to know immediately that the document is flagged as a possible duplicate and the research can be done before doing unnecessary work entering the lines.


How to disable notifications

Dynamics NAV

On the Navigation Pane, go to Departments -> Administration -> Application Setup -> RoleTailored Client and select My Notifications under the Documents group.  If you prefer using the search bar, a quick search for ‘My Notifications’ will work as well.





In the My Notifications box that opens, all the available notifications will be listed with a column to enable the notification when checked and disable the notification when unchecked.  From here, you can choose which notifications to enable or disable.  It’s likely that some of these notifications look unfamiliar to you and will not affect you.  My suggestion would be to keep those enabled since this is the ‘out-of-the-box’ setting.


Additional Information

Keep in mind that based on your specific NAV user permissions, you might not have the permissions to read or edit this table.  You might need to either request permissions to this table or have a Super User update the notifications for you.



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