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It’s almost year-end – how is your team doing?

October 19, 2021 | New View Strategies

It’s been two years, almost to the day. Two years since our New View team last met all together, in person. Just like teams around the globe, we’ve been meeting virtually for what feels like forever. Our team met two weeks ago for three days to reflect on the year, discuss our challenges and potential solutions, look forward to next year, and of course, connect. On the one hand it was incredibly special and desperately welcomed, but on the other hand, I was quite surprised that it didn’t seem altogether abnormal. I thought seeing everyone for the first time in so long (heck, one of my teammates I’ve never met in person) would feel different in some way, unusual at least. But I think due to the frequency of our virtual meetings and informal chats, always with our webcams on, it didn’t. And that was pretty cool.


Discovering hidden value

What did really strike me is the importance of this activity: getting the team together to talk, solve, plan, connect, and energize. This has been missing and I had just about forgotten how powerful and necessary this is. Most years of the past couple decades of my professional career I’ve been on a team that comes together annually, and while the approach, agenda, location, etc. may differ, the underlying benefits are consistent and invaluable. As I’m writing this a visual analogy pops in my mind: each team member is driving their own car, and if everyone is in a group on the same road heading in the same direction at the same speed, over time the cars start to separate a bit, with some going faster or slower, some may be on a different but parallel road, some heading in a different direction, or some may even be pulled off with a flat tire. These annual meetings are so important to get everyone back on the same road heading in the same direction at relatively the same speed. I think reactions and take-aways from these meetings are very individualized, but for me, I left our recent meeting with renewed energy, an updated focus on the key priorities, a better understanding of how to work with my teammates, and new skills.


To meet or not to meet

As I was reflecting on the outcomes and value of our meeting, I got to wondering how many of our customers do a similar get together at year end. I know it’s not an insignificant investment of time and many companies’ busiest time of the year are right now. But I sincerely hope that every team is able to find some dedicated time removed from the daily details to connect, discuss challenges and opportunities, and look ahead. Year-end is a really good time, and automatic reminder, to sit down with your team and discuss how everyone is doing. A good portion of our meeting was discussing improvement opportunities, in particular how we provide consulting and training. I wondered how our clients discuss improvement opportunities for their teams, and naturally, how they can improve their use of Business Central / NAV. It’s no surprise we’re big believers in the power of training to unlock improvement opportunities for your business. I’ve written a bunch on how much we forget over time and how little of the system most companies actually use (if you’d like: “The worst mistake a Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV customer can make”). So as we near year-end and start thinking about 2022, we purposely added classes to our schedule that are very strategically oriented, to help you and your team look for business improvement opportunities and unlock more power from your system as you get ready for next year. If you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, here they are:


Upcoming New View Strategies classes

Class Why sign up? Schedule CPE credits To register
Getting Started with Power BI - For Partners If you’re a partner that has struggled with finding the time to get going with Power BI, this is it. 11/3-11/4 1:00-5:00 EDT 8 Click here
Accountant's Year-end Refresher How good are you remembering details from a year ago? Why not save yourself a lot of guessing, frustration, and errors, and improve your year-end process with our best practices. 11/16-11/17 2:00-5:00 EST 6 Click here
Getting Started with Power BI - For Users Power BI is an incredibly user-friendly tool that connects to BC for real insights – every company should evaluate the opportunity to use it. 11/17-11/18 1:00-5:00 EDT 8 Click here
Advanced Controller's Boot Camp If you’re a Controller ready to evolve from transaction monitoring to driving business insights and advanced reporting, we’ll show you how. 12/13-12/17 1:00-5:00 EDT 20 Click here
BC Consultant Accelerator (Semester A) Our executive MBA-style program is an innovative approach to help your new consultants become experts in BC and consulting. Jan 2022 - May 2022 n/a Click here


If you’d like more details on the above classes, please click here. Is there a class you’d like us to schedule? Check out our full catalog then let us know what you’re interested in here.


I hope the rest of your year is productive and energizing, and you find the time to meet with your team. If you’d like our help in evaluating business process improvement opportunities or how to do more with your BC / NAV system, please let me know at

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The experts at New View Strategies are experienced Dynamics NAV and Business Central trainers and business process consultants who have walked in your shoes as former Corporate Controllers, Directors of IT, and Solution Architects, and believe increased utilization of your business systems is critical to the continued success of your company.
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