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Consultant's Evaluator

How confident are you that your new hire has Business Central experience and is ready to work with your customers?
We all know finding expert consultants is becoming more and more difficult. Make sure your new hire is ready to go with our Consultant’s Evaluator!

The Consultant’s Evaluator is an exam with over 100 questions designed to test real-world knowledge of how to use Business Central. In addition to the questions, there are 10-15 hands on scenarios each person must accomplish in a Business Central system. Each session takes about two to three hours to complete.

This session is recorded with video camera on, and graded by an instructor who looks at the result of what your employee created, as well as how they went about solving the scenario.

Our interpreted results give personalized and direct feedback in which areas questions were missed so your employee knows exactly what to study to round out their expertise.

Score not quite what you expected? That’s okay!

Sign up for our Consultant’s Accelerator to get the training needed to be a Functional Consultant for Business Central.

Consultant's Accelerator

Get your functional consulting team ready to work confidently with your customers!
Students work together in small teams to learn Business Central basics with a functional consultant’s perspective. Every lesson covers not just the how, but also the why of each concept, and experienced senior trainers also teach how to apply what was learned to real-world customer experiences.

Two four hour sessions weekly with a live instructor and about two to four hours of homework per week is all the time needed for this eight week class. There is no travel required since we use cloud-based tools that can be accessed from anywhere.

Class ends with a written capstone case study illustrating each student’s understanding of business concepts learned, based on a real company’s requirements.
Week 1
Getting Around, Application Setup, Master Data
Week 2
System Administration and Flow of Documents
Week 3
Day in the Life: Purchasing and Sales
Week 4
Day in the Life: Accounts Payable and Receivable
Week 5
Day in the Life: Banking, Cash, and Tax Management
Week 6
Day in the Life: General Accounting and Reporting
Week 7
Advanced Functionality
Week 8
Capstone Project for Software Functionality

Custom Training for Partners

Training often becomes a last priority for many businesses as we depend on our employees to “just figure it out”. Our trainers combine systems and business process experience with proven adult learning techniques to aid in retention and application of class material. All training can be conducted either on-site or remotely and can be customized to your needs.
New Employee Training
Refresher Training
Training for your Customers
Documentation Creation and Updating
Development of Training Curriculum and Materials
Creation of Within Application Learning and Reference Materials
Partner-Specific Training
The experts at New View Strategies are experienced Dynamics NAV and Business Central trainers and business process consultants who have walked in your shoes as former Corporate Controllers, Directors of IT, and Solution Architects, and believe increased utilization of your business systems is critical to the continued success of your company.
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