Business Transformation Scorecard™ - System Administration

Curious how much of your BC / NAV system you’re not using? See for yourself!

Instructions: Please select Yes or No for each question. When done, click “Evaluate" to receive your score and ranking via email. Please note your responses are not saved until the end.

Configuration and Personalization

Are you...

  Configuring your Role Centers?

  Matching and assigning specific Role Centers to the appropriate users?

  Enabling or limiting Role Center personalization by user?

  Training users to configure and save individual views on lists?

  Training users to hide, show and set quick entry for fields on documents and cards?

  Encouraging users to invoke %MyCustomers, %MyVendors, and/or %MyItems?

  Overriding standard report selections by Customer or Vendor?

Security and Permissions

Are you...

  Coordinating the setup and administration of O365 users and Business Central / NAV users?

  Not relying on the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Permission Sets?

  Controlling access to unneeded Role Centers?

  Using User Groups to manage permissions?

  Granting unlimited access in the system to no more than 2 users?

User Productivity

Are you...

  Enabling users to send emails directly from Business Central / NAV?

  Enabling user access to Business Central via Outlook for specific users?

  Enabling user access to Business Central via Teams?

  Equipping users to leverage Configuration Packages for data import / export?

  Controlling which users can use Open in Excel and Edit in Excel?

  Teaching the appropriate users how to create / modify invoices and other external documents using Word Templates?

  Enabling data access to use Power BI for reporting and KPIs?

System Testing

Are you...

  Using a Sandbox environment for testing of new features and functionality?

  Using a copy of your company in your production environment to test current functionality?

  Using a copy of the Cronus company to review Business Central / NAV standard functionality and the default configuration?

  Providing access to the Sandbox for the appropriate users?

  Identifying tables and fields via Page Inspection / Zoom?

  Capturing errors via Last Known Error?

System Maintenance

Are you...

  Running regular repetitive functions and reports automatically via the Job Queue?

  Monitoring access of selected fields and notifying the designated contact when a field value is created, modified, or deleted?

  Using the Change Log to track insert, modify, and delete of specific fields in specific tables?

  Controlling / scheduling the application of major system updates via the Notification Center?

  Checking at least annually and updating if needed the Primary Contact for update notifications?

  Managing the use and status of any extensions via Extensions Management?

  Using Data Retention Policies defined within Business Central / NAV?

  Reviewing semi-annual release notes and highlighting new functions and features for your users?

Your score:

Your Business Transformation Scale™ rank:

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See what our students have to say about our classes!

  • For a controller with limited exposure to NAV, I cannot fathom a more meaningful investment of time. The course is robust and the materials covered extremely comprehensive. You will be more than satisfied with the experience. Brilliant instructors.
    Scott Hulme
    Nature Fresh Farms
    They put on a phenomenal course that is both engaging and informational. I learned tons of simple tips and tricks to improve efficiency and had the opportunity to practice new concepts with hands on time during the class. I loved hearing their experiences and learning best practices that I can now apply in my company.
    Kelsey Colvin
    Barkley Company
    Navision is a powerful software for capturing data. This class is one of the ways to understand how to collect, manage and report on the data most effectively. Why try to learn it on your own when you can take advantage of their knowledge?
    Joanie Quinlan
    Sun Valley Rice
  • For a new user, this was a must for me. It really covered the basics of the accounting functions and best practices.
    Marni Stallings
    This course is a must for those new to NAV or new in a Controllers role. The hands on learning and collaborative networking environment with fellow users is essential to teach you the “small stuff” that can make a big difference in your productivity. Many of us have had little or no training, so this enables us to utilize and harness the system and take advantage of the reporting and analytical tools available. The class introduces you to many things you didn’t know you didn’t know about Nav. Whether a new user or seasoned veteran, there will be useful takeaways from the course.
    Jen Brickner
    Andy Gump
    For any Controller using NAV, if you are in the process of converting to NAV, if you’re new to NAV or if you’ve been using NAV for a while, this is the class for you. They will either reinforce what you already know but more likely show you things that you don’t know, point out things that you should be doing and things that you shouldn’t be doing. I highly recommend this class.
    Christopher Scrivner
    Rava Ranches
  • The Controller’s Boot Camp provides content with the right level of detail and hands on exercises that you can immediately use back in the office. The presenters are seasoned and provide real life guidance.
    Scott Sherburne
    Sun Valley Rice
    This course was fantastic for me as a new NAV user, but the whole group seemed to get a lot of best practices and ways to improve their existing systems. They are great instructors!
    Melissa Acker
    Terso Solutions
    And lastly, YOUR class on schedules has made ME look like a hero. Running month end reports in Jet used to take 2-3 hours and the owner hated the way they looked. Running 6 schedules (CM, YTD, PM, PYTD, Budget CM and Budget YTD) takes about 10 minutes and it’s formatted EXACTLY the way the owner wants – and has wanted for 10 years. And I add ad hoc reports all the time – I LOVE schedules so thank you for making them so easy to understand.
    Bruce Ostrowsky
    World Emblem
The experts at New View Strategies are experienced Dynamics NAV and Business Central trainers and business process consultants who have walked in your shoes as former Corporate Controllers, Directors of IT, and Solution Architects, and believe increased utilization of your business systems is critical to the continued success of your company.
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